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Center Flee Two (2013)

  Center Flee are accelerometer based, networked LED devices, spun like fire poi, they make music and light effects. They respond to subtle changes in velocity, making a delicate conversation between performer and technology. The Arduino powered smart poi use … Continue reading

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Fishy (2005)

Computer interface and communication device, Fishy allowes the user to interact with their fish through a socket network connection. When the user clickes on the web interface, the fishbowl LEDs would glow to wake the geriatric fish at home.

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Plasma (2003)

A computer interface that transforms the user’s heartbeat into music. Using a modified pulse oximeter, like ones used in hospitals, the device reads the blood oxygen count and uses MIDI and MAX/MSP to make music.

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Center Flee (2003)

To create a digital simulation of the art of fire spinning, the device uses two accelerometers hung from the end of chains to control both sound and video on a computer using either MAX/MSP or Flash.

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Heart-A-Tac-A-Lac (2003)

Art car for Burning Man 2003. The car was a mobile shrine to coincide with the “Beyond Belief” theme. It was covered in aluminum disks which were individually decorated by Black Rock City residents.

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KA (2000)

  A discarded television set remounted in gilded plumbing pipes, KA provided optimal viewing for the Crash and Doll Mix and Fallen.

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Fallen (1998)

Video shown on KA. Fallen is an SVHS clip of a woman jumping into a mirror heavily modified in After Effects. Then combined with a slow motion clip of a woman performing as a doll with an analog video mixer.

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